Random Ray episode 02

Segments from Disaster Radio, Breaking Curfew, The Ray Lytle Show on the Rock and the Morning Disaster. This episode contains a Sara Jane songs Red red sores, Hillbillie Joe daycare, Shawn balint getting angry at listener mail, Jim the photographer fact or fiction and Missa Sippa in honor of Missas Birthday which was earlier this week.

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Morning Disaster August 3 2017

Niki is out of Surgery and can finally do a show. Ray is reminiscing about being annoyed. Funny episode. Gossip about TJ. Weird moving stories. Admissions of being a bad boyfriend. Parents favorites. Rays brother gets them all busted in a scheme to spend garbage money. Pot stories. Getting old suck and Niki has mind blowing sex.

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Morning Disaster June 21 2017

Ray and Niki do the show live from Rays studio. Niki explains why she is live in the studio because she was grounded from her friendship. She also explains why she was showing of her hickey like a young trasher girl.

Ray gets woken up early in the morning while he was sick. This leads to an explanation of TJ being part of the mandela effect and also somehow gets Rage in trouble.

The pair call li’l Al and talk nudist camps and swinging and so much more.

Really fun show make sure you download and LISTEN

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Morning Disaster March 8 2017

Niki suffers from fear of a poopcident. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are not getting divorced and Ray has figured it all out as to why theyre not. The World Series trophy is in town and Ray doesnt care. Trump Trump Trump and how Ray doesnt understand the people who are 100 percent against him or 100 percent behind him. Solid stool vs loose stoole and MORE

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