Morning Disaster February 14 2017

Special guest AC ROE joins Ray for a discussion on being from the South, living in New York, mass transit, baseball, the best stuff is free stuff and so much more.

AC ROE is a stand up comedian and a comedy writer who is originally from Arkansas. Ray met AC years ago in Springfield when AC worked in radio at WYMG and Ray was doing the Morning Disaster on WQLZ. It is a fun interview so give it a listen.

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Morning Disaster February 8 2017

This episode is called “Niki the Chalk eater” Ray and Niki are back after Rays fill in on WMAY. Niki caught sickness from poor people at the Food Stamp office. She also has fond recollections of eating Chalk and many other inedible things. Very troubling. Its a very good episode today with much more content. We know you will love this episode!

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Morning Disaster February 1 2017

Ray and Niki start February with Spanky calling in to give an update on his surgery. They took the Fingers off but Spank still feels them. Poor guy updates us on everything.

Niki goes into detail about her relationship status which has Ray asking a ton of questions. There is listener requests and the definition of THE EIFFEL TOWER. All this and so much more on todays fun show

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Morning Disaster January 31 2017

Ray and Niki discuss too much political talk on facebook making everyone crazy. Why do people collect worthless things like autographs? Niki is desiring two men or at least thats what Ray thinks. Old stories about growing up. Looking at exes on social media and MORE!!

Really Good Show it is a MUST LISTEN!!!

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Morning Disaster January 24 2017

Skype Problems drive Ray Crazy! Niki has COPD problems. Ray’s car problems are frustrating.

Survey about Group Sex gets the show started. Ray has concluded he has the perfect body that nobody finds attractive. Dish washing is an issue in the Lytle home.  The most affordable cities in the world gives a shocking result. Stupid News!!! Discussion on load shooting. All this and more on today’s awesome show!!

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Morning Disaster January 19 2017

Ray and Niki are on fire for the last show of the week.

There is talk of the inauguration and the Obamas leaving while the Trumps are moving in. There is a woman who asks a man if they can make their relationship exclusive and when he says “weve only gone on 4 dates” she stabs him 9 times with a steak knife.

Niki tells a wild tale about having sex in a shaggin wagon with a couple of pervs watching in the front seat. The story gets even crazier as the car gets stuck in mud and the story must be heard to be comprehended. Ray also shares a back seat story, much whorter than Nikis by the way.

This is a fun episode, check it out!!

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Morning Disaster January 17 2017M


Niki sleeps too much according to Ray.  More businesses should recognize MLK day. How to fail drug tests. Americans are using more sex toys than ever. Where is the windiest city in the USA?

Legendary stupid news segment with Sex in the front seat, Prison smuggling, VIagra purchases and theft of a whole bunch of condoms.

All this and MORE on this great addition of the show

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Morning Disaster January 12 2017

Caitlyn Jenner wants to pose nude and Ray and Niki are interested in seeing it. Rays pretty sure his wife is thinking of other people while having sex and answering texts during the act. The worst companies are counted down. Top predicted baby names for 2017. A testicle is ripped out during a domestic dispute. Spanky has the Satellite TV sex report. GOOD SHOW!!

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Morning Disaster January 11 2017

Ray and Niki discuss the process of showering and sleeping nude plus he process of powdering and the specialness of it.

The Top 10 fast food Restaurants becomes a piece of contention.  The Monopoly game pieces lead to debate. Ray talks about losing friends by being too honest. Its all on this really good show!

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Morning Disaster January 10 2017

Ray is wound up and Niki is back. Ray starts the show on a tirade about dieting and the misery of regular sized people not being considerate to fat people. He sounds like a crazyman as he discusses the struggle. Then its crazy news time with stabbings over board games, crazy domestic disputes and a lovely story about a man sacrificing for his wife that is then ridiculed by Ray and Niki. Finally a story about Rays uncle and the Kidney story. Its a fun show so listen to it!

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Morning Disaster January 4 2017

WE ARE BACK!! After a long vacation the show returns in todays episode titled “Revenge of the Garbage Glass”!!!

Ray and Niki return with stories of Ray drinking out of a glass filled with garbage. Niki missing her parties due to a migraine. Ray being bothered early in vacation by a drunk Spanky who called him at midnight while Ray and his wife were binge watching Netflix. This causes Spanky to call in.

Niki ate at Golden Corral which made Ray and listeners question the food there.

This is a really good return show after the Holiday. Download and enjoy!!!!

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